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To further expand the readership and accelerate the development of this journal, the publisher’s committees decided to jointly organize a Chinese version

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Editorials: Lecture: The Relationship between Tumor Occurrence and Food, Housing, and Housing

Recently, Dr. Wang Dong, a member of the Editorial Board of our Journal, held a public health lecture on the theme of “The Relationship between Tumor Occurrence and Food, Housing, and Housing”.

Dr. Wang Dong is a Doctor of Oncology, Postdoctoral Medicine of Northwestern University, USA. The General Hospital Medical School teaching practice for 20 years. During the post-doctoral period in preventive medicine in the United States……

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Research Advancements: Fasting-induced anti-aging molecule keeps blood vessels young

New research has found that fasting triggers a molecule that can delay the aging of our arteries. The findings could help prevent age-related chronic diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer's.

The search for eternal youth has preoccupied the human imagination since the times of Ancient Greece.

In fact, a quick look at Greek mythology shows that youth was more prized than immortality, as some myths tell the story of how futile the latter is if it's not accompanied by the former.

In this regard, modern medicine has recently been catching up with ancient mythology.

Emerging scientific breakthroughs encourage us to hope that the myth of eternal youth will soon become a reality.

In a recent study, researchers were able to reverse signs of aging such as hair loss and wrinkles in mice; and, perhaps more impressively, another team of researchers managed to rejuvenate aging human cells.

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Research Advancements: Draft Charter of Patients’ Rights released

If it comes into force, patients will have the rights to non-discrimination, seek a second opinion, and choose alternative treatment options, if available.

If the draft Charter of Patients’ Rights released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare comes into force, patients will not just have the right to emergency medical care and informed consent, but will also have the rights to non-discrimination, seek a second opinion, and choose alternative treatment options, if available.

The draft, prepared by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), was put up on the Health Ministry’s website on August 30, inviting comments and suggestions. According to a notice issued by Joint Secretary Sudhir Kumar, the ministry plans to implement the charter through State governments for provision of proper healthcare by clinical establishments.

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Research Advancements: Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, on new warning letters FDA is issuing to companies marketing kratom with unproven medical claims

Epidemics don’t occur overnight. As we deal with the devastating crisis of opioid abuse and overdose plaguing our nation, the US Food and Drug Administration must remain vigilant and aggressive against trends that threaten to reverse our progress, or substances that have the potential to cause new epidemics of abuse.

Mitragyna speciosa, known more commonly as kratom, is a plant native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. While it is important to generate more evidence, there is evidence that certain substances found in kratom are opioids and data suggest that one or more may have a potential for abuse. And its use has been on the rise and is of concern to the FDA. We’re not alone in our concern about the opioids found in kratom—it’s already illegal or controlled in several other countries including Australia, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, and Thailand. The substance is also banned in a number of states and municipalities in the US.

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Research Advancements: Earthquake Survival And First Aid Common Sense

Earthquakes have been more frequent in recent years. From the Wenchuan earthquake in China to the earthquake in Miyagi prefecture in Japan, all these led to very serious consequences. The same earthquake hit Turkey yesterday, with an estimated 500-1,000 deaths. Disasters caused by the earthquake include the collapse of buildings, the fire and the plague after the earthquake which can cause a large number of casualties.
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Research Advancements: How to Rescue Accident Metro Accident?

Subway collision accidental injuries caused by the following: Own collision or inertia leading to head and neck, chest and abdomen and limbs; visceral collisions extrusion injury; blunt or sharp stab wounds.

How to rescue the wounded first aid
Casualties in emergencies are more frightened, emotional. It is recommended that site personnel remain calm and those who have the related rescue experience should explain their intention before the treatment and inform each other of their intention so that the other party can receive relief and relief at ease.

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Research Advancements: Details Commonly Used Effective Hemostasis

Bleeding is one of the major complication after trauma. Adult bleeding more than 800-1000 ml can cause shock and endanger life. Therefore, hemostasis is an important measure to rescue the bleeding patients, which has special significance for saving the lives of the wounded.
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Research Advancements: Emergency Room Story

The emergency department of the hospital is a special place. When I was free, I was calm. When I was busy, I was like a vegetable market. Doctors and nurses were not on the way to shuttle in the hospital ward. It is full of challenges and can never predict what will happen in the next second. It is painful, hectic, surrounded by blood, tears and noise, and the unexpected accidents let us know how to cherish life and grasp happiness ...
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Research Advancements: If the Child is in An Accident, First Aid at Home

Legal evening news (reporter Chen si) the best time to rescue is in 4 minutes, severe trauma to save the prime time is 30 minutes, when accidental injury happens what to do?This morning, the Beijing municipal women's federation "women, family, social lecture hall" family first-aid class projects into the east, the east side of Beijing children's hospital medical staff to dongcheng community, scene first aid class, and issuing of family first aid kit.

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Research Advancements: Emergency Aid

Emergency relief refers to acts and methods of reducing various disaster losses under various emergencies and various natural disasters and wars. It is always accompanied by the development of mankind and the times; it is the course of human development and, in the final analysis, is to resist Crisis, prevent risks, resolve conflicts and continue to accumulate experience of evolution. Another film of the same name, Shanghai Film Studio filmed in 1996, the main story is: August 17, 1995, from a rural migrant workers into the city sick, at stake. Her life and death affect the hearts of the entire city. Although a large number of ordinary people have different situations and different personalities, some even have such shortcomings, but they all have given their love at the critical moment of saving others' lives. Part of the role of the film in person by the parties involved, part of the scene in the scene of the incident shooting.
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Research Advancements: Sprint How The First Aid of These 4 Points Is Very Important

Sprain how the first aid? Although sprain is a frequent accidental injury in life, most people do not know how to deal with first aid when an accident occurs. Therefore, we need to learn some first aid knowledge to deal with possible unexpected injuries at any time. Experts said that grasping "rice" (English rice) emergency treatment can help prevent the disease from further aggravating and speeding recovery when such injuries occur as sprains, bruises and muscle strains appear.
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Research Advancements: Hemilike First Aid Method

Professor Heimlike is a doctor in the United States for many years engaged in surgery. In clinical practice, he was shocked by the large number of food, foreign body suffocation caused by respiratory tract obstruction. In the first aid emergency, the doctor often uses the method of patting the back of the patient or finger to the throat to remove the foreign body. The result is not only invalid, but the foreign body further penetrates the respiratory tract. After repeated studies and repeated animal experiments, he finally invented the first aid method of utilizing the residual gas in the lungs to form a gas flow to flush out foreign bodies. In 1974, he made his first report on abdominal impact removal of tracheal foreign bodies.

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Research Advancements: High Prevalence of Influenza B Pediatric Emergency Full - Expert Tips Do not Panic

Since the beginning of winter, many of our country have high incidence of influenza B and the hospital is full of pediatrics. Some parents see the child a cold, hurriedly went to the hospital. However, medical experts advise, we must pay attention to distinguish flu and the common cold, scientific prevention and treatment, the right medicine.
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Research Advancements: What Is The Elderly Emergency Pager?

Senior emergency pager is composed of the host, emergency button and UPS uninterruptible power supply. It is mainly used for empty-nesters self-help or other needs of emergency situations, elderly people living alone, empty-nesters to carry, hanging in front of a pager or remote control device. The elderly emergency response system refers to the elderly once faced with sudden illness, such as danger encountered "emergency", just press the "emergency pager" emergency button or hung on the chest remote control button, you can community emergency Call the system center for help. In the emergency response system for the elderly, even if the elderly are unable to speak, the operator can learn about the information of the elderly through the information on the elderly pop-up on the computer and contact the waiter or volunteer responsible for caring for the elderly in time to give emergency medical care to the elderly.

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Research Advancements: Emergency Medical Staff Long for Your Understanding

At the time of his visit, Jinrui Emergency Medical Aid Center doctor Ru Ruifeng was covered in blood. However, he did not consider his own injury and persisted in sending the patient to the hospital for the first time, demonstrating the strong sense of responsibility and mission of the White Angel The community has aroused great repercussions.

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Research Advancements: Police Car Guest "Ambulance" Escort Pregnant Women to The Hospital

Early today, Shiyan snow-capped the city, people welcome Ruixue at the same time, traffic inconvenience also brought trouble for everyone. A pregnant woman can not wait for the bus, but waited for a police car and escorted him to the hospital.
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Research Advancements: Angina Pectoris How to Carry Out First Aid?

Angina pectoris is a common symptom of coronary heart disease, more common in people over the age of 40, the elderly. Angina often occurs in the tired, full meal, cold and emotional, if the sudden onset of angina in the elderly, but also far away from the hospital, how can we alleviate the pain of the elderly? The following describes several on-site first aid measures angina pectoris, hoping to have friends at home with coronary heart disease to help.

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Research Advancements: Emergency Should Not Be A 24-hour Clinic

More than 70% of emergency patients are not "urgent"

In hospitals, especially in large hospitals and emergency rooms, the situation is similar: doctors, patients, and family members came and went, crying, shouting and moaning.

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Research Advancements: Liver Rupture Diagnosis and Treatment Routine

Liver rupture
Liver rupture is a common disease in abdominal trauma, rupture of the right liver is more than the left liver. Liver is located in the right subdiaphragmatic and quarter rib deep, protected by the thorax and diaphragm, generally not easy to damage, but because of the fragile liver texture, vascular rich, and fixed by the ligaments around, and therefore vulnerable to external violence or sharp stab wounds Cause rupture bleeding. When the liver enlargement due to disease, more vulnerable to external forces. Severe hemorrhagic shock often occurs after liver injury, and leakage of bile into the abdominal cavity causes juice peritonitis and secondary infection. So what are the symptoms and treatment of liver rupture? let's figure it out together.

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Research Advancements: Emergency Surgery Common Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Routine

Skull fracture

Overview: Simple skull base fracture rare and coexist craniofacial fractures. Skull level of external force, head extrusion deformation, and the head hanging
Straight blow, vertical fall can cause skull fracture. Mainly rely on cerebrospinal fluid ear, nose leak to diagnosis. Skull fracture can be limited to
A cranial fossa, can also be traversed through both sides of the skull base or longitudinal through the anterior, middle posterior fossa, fracture line and often near the nose, rock or milk
Suddenly the same room, and the formation of hidden open fractures, with intracranial secondary infection is the most serious problem.

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Research Advancements: Emergency Surgery Common Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Routine

Overview Concussion is the lightest type of brain injury characterized by a transient disturbance of consciousness following head trauma,
Forget the lack of performance of the nervous system. In the past that "only a transient brain dysfunction without definite organic damage."
In modern times, it is thought that the functional activation of the brain stem ascending reticular system leads to disturbance of consciousness, and there is a change in subcellular structure and molecular level

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Research Advancements: Emergency Surgery Common Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Routine

Liver rupture
Overview Liver rupture, both normal and wartime are very common, accounting for about 15% of abdominal injury 20%. Is hit by violence,
Fall or sharp weapon through the abdominal arch of the liver parenchyma tear or contusion. Can be divided into subhepatic hematoma and liver laceration liver injury
Split 0. Simple liver rupture mortality rate of about 9%, combined with multiple organ damage and complications of liver rupture rate of up to 50%

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Research Advancements: Emergency Surgery Common Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Routine

Multiple injuries
Overview Multiple trauma refers to the human body at the same time or successively suffered more than two anatomical parts or organs of the trauma, and these traumatic timely
Being alone, but also a serious trauma.
Clinical manifestations
1. The injury is complex, serious injuries, and more performance for the Department of Physiological rapid chaos, weak pulse, blood pressure, oxygen barrier.
2. Significant reduction in effective circulation (including blood and the third gap was "high frequency of low-capacity shock.
According to different parts, organs and degree of injury, early clinical manifestations vary
(1.) Open wounds can flow out of the wound of different nature and quantity of liquid.
(2.) Brain injury showed varying degrees of mental changes and pupil changes.
(3.) Chest injuries often show respiratory dysfunction, circulatory dysfunction, hypoxemia and hypotension.
(4.) Abdominal injury early manifested as intra-abdominal hemorrhage, abdominal irritation or hypotension.
(5.) Spine, spinal cord injury may appear limb movement disorders or loss of feeling.
(6.) Long bone fracture can show limb deformation or movement disorders.

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Research Advancements: Emergency Surgery Common Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Routine

Hemorrhagic shock
Overview: Excessive blood loss over the body compensatory function, can not provide adequate tissue perfusion and oxygen supply, hemorrhagic shock occurs, mainly in trauma, but can also occur in spontaneous bleeding (such as gastrointestinal bleeding and childbirth). Common clinical is acute onset of hemorrhagic shock.

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Research Advancements: What is The Difference Between Emergency and Outpatient Service?

Emergency: emergency treatment and rescue. Means emergency treatment. Its existence ensures that we can get professional and scientific treatment within the shortest time when unexpected diseases and accidental injuries occur. The severity of the emergency patient's condition determines the order of patient treatment and disposal. The grading of emergency patients is not just for patient sequencing, but also for triage patients so that patients can get the right treatment at the right time in the right area
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Research Advancements: "Emergency Clinician" Medical Tips ----- Prevention Precautions, Myocardial Infarction

In recent years, acute myocardial infarction, has become the biggest killer of young and middle-aged sudden death, such as the following occurs, we must guard against may be myocardial infarction, promptly go to the hospital for emergency treatment: chest pain, accompanied by pharyngeal tightening; toothache, shoulder Pain, upper extremity radiating pain, vomiting, these cases are easily mistaken for a cold, toothache, frozen shoulder, gastroenteritis, etc., missed the timing of treatment, if there is hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, body fat, smoking history, family Coronary heart disease, one of these risk factors, we must be extra vigilant, the more the risk factors, the greater the chance of myocardial infarction, especially in the high incidence of night or early morning, to timely treatment, do not wait until the next day Go to the clinic again.

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Research Advancements: Teach You How to Save Yourself After Burn

Burn is a common traumatic injury in daily life. Whether the self-help of burn is timely or not will have an important influence on the future treatment, prognosis and prognosis. Therefore, to understand some knowledge of self-help burn is necessary.

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Research Advancements: Gastric Lavage: Position Paper Update

In 2013, the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology and European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists published a second update to their position statement on gastric lavage for GI decontamination (original 1997, 1st update 2004).

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Research Advancements: China Research Hospital Society of Critical Care Medicine was Established

November 23, 2017, China Research Hospital Critical Medical Professional Committee was established in Zhengzhou. First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Department of Emergency Medicine Party branch secretary, ICU director Sun Tongwen elected chairman, Peking Union Medical College Hospital ICU director Du Bin, Peking University Third Hospital, Zhu Xi, deputy director of critical medicine, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University Party Secretary Li Yimin, Zhejiang University School of Medicine Affiliated Second Hospital Binjiang District vice president, Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine, deputy editor and editor in chief Ma Yuefeng, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, director of critical care Peng Zhiyong, Air Force Medical University Xijing Hospital SICU director Zhang Xijing, director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University Yu Xiangyou, director of the Critical Care Medicine Department of First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University Zhao Mingyan, vice president of Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Chen Erzhen, First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University Director of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Zhang Guojun (in no particular order) was elected vice chairman of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Neurosurgery Director Ouyang Bin was elected Secretary-General.
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Research Advancements: Emergency Rescue Should Be Strict Scope

National Health and Family Planning Commission website issued further emergency relief work of the disease notice, requiring accurate grasp of the use of the rescue fund to help patients with information disclosure and file management. According to the notice, there is no public assistance to the public, the amount of relief and other information, can not be allocated to the rescue fund.
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Research Advancements: The Office of The National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) was Informed of the further Work of The Emergency Relief Work

Medical letter of the national health office [2017] 1189

The health and family planning commission of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, xinjiang production and construction corps health bureau:

For further disease emergency relief work, timely grasp the emergency rescue information across disease, according to the emergency rescue work instruction for the diseases (try out) "regulation, regarding the required notice is as follows:

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Research Advancements: Hainan Provincial People's Hospital Emergency Room Building was Officially Completed

On the morning of December 11, the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the gate of the people's hospital of hainan province was held.
Dean zhuo-ri li, the secretary of the party committee in the people's hospital of hainan province CenSong, vice secretary of party committee Sun Xiaoning, ChanMingHua jian-nong zhao, associate dean, Jiang Hongyan, chief accountant Cao Anhui functional departments and authority leadership and the head nurse representatives to attend the ceremony.


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Research Advancements: The Number of Emergency Visits to Children's Hospitals Fell in November From A Year Earlier

The annual average for children's hospitals in Beijing is down by 6.37%, compared with the same period last year."Patients do not move, doctors move", Beijing children's hospital national paediatric medical linkage service mode gradually showed results, allowing more children to receive treatment nearby.

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Research Advancements: The Old Man Suffered From Lung Cancer and Was Admitted to The Emergency Room with Toad Soup Poisoning

The 63-year-old father, who lives in the back lake, was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago and underwent surgery two months ago but recovered after surgery.
In the near future, he told his parents that he could cure cancer by eating toads, and he was able to take poison and recover his heart. He immediately bought a live toad from his hometown.
On the afternoon of the previous day, my father made a pot of toad soup, and after making it, he added a bowl of soup.
Because the taste was so hard to eat, dad forced him to drink half a bowl.
Twenty minutes later, he had nausea and vomiting, and he wanted to take a rest at home, but his wife and his daughter did not dare to delay, and called 120 to the hospital for emergency treatment.

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Research Advancements: Dongtai People's Hospital Stroke Center Has Been Officially Operated

Recently, the people's hospital of dongtai people's hospital has been working under the care of leaders at all levels.
On November 10, the center in the emergency department conducted a successful in early cerebral infarction thrombolysis, patients before sending to the municipal people's hospital emergency department 40 minutes without significant factors in right limbs weakness, on the right upper limb muscle strength Ⅱ level, lower limb muscle Ⅳ level, immediately after admission to ecg monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, row CT in cerebral infarction.
Hospital neurology, intervention, director of the emergency department and so on more than a joint consultation, by joint analysis of the illness, an immediate atenolol, enzyme thrombolysis treatment in accordance with the adr improve dysfunction caused by cerebral infarction, Laura's dynamic blood pressure control, because the treatment in place in time, about three hours after thrombolysis, mental patients, left and right side of the limb muscle into Ⅴ level, blood pressure fluctuations within the normal range, cerebral embolism recanalization of success.
Under the concerted efforts of medical staff, the patient's condition gradually stabilized and was transferred to the neurology ward that night.

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Research Advancements: Community Emergency Door-to-door Servic

Is it zhang wo health hospital?
My old man's chest is suffocated, it is an old habit to be a mistake again, can the doctor come over to see?"
"Ok, how to call you, where do you live?
How old is your wife?
Any medical history?
We'll send a doctor right away...
This is a telephone call from the emergency department of the community health service center of zhangjiakwo town, xiqing district.
A few minutes later, zhang jiayi's ambulance arrived at the patient's home, and the doctor came to zhang's home with a blood pressure instrument and an electrocardiogram machine, and gave him a simple examination.
After examination, zhang da ye is the chest is suffocated with high blood pressure.
It is understood that the town of zhangjiakwo in xiqing district invested 600,000 yuan in an ambulance, serving the residents of the town and the family doctors to sign up for the more difficult people to seek medical treatment.
The patient can call the emergency department, and the doctor can carry out the general test and treatment program, such as blood sampling, gastric tube and catheterials

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Research Advancements: The Rescue Room Was Full of People

Because of the severe lumbar disc in wuxi city people's hospital emergency department nurses had to leave in the home, zhang he knows department personnel nervous, the circumstance such as one for a while, he is wearing a waist back to work...
Recently due to changes in temperature alternating, all kinds of disease happens, people in wuxi city to surge in the number of patients, hospital door on November 27, 11178 visits, er visits the children's hospital door 3983 visits, er visits both hit a record high.
The emergency department is in a state of overload.

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Journal Updates: Congratulations to Mohamad Jihad Mansour

Congratulations to Mohamad Jihad Mansour , named Uncommon Variant of Wellens’ Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of Literature The manuscript was uploaded successfully.
Affiliation:Lebanese University Faculty of Medical Sciences


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Research Advancements: German Private Hospital

Germany: More than 60% are private hospitals.Germany currently has about 2,200 hospitals, of which about 1,900 general hospitals. In general hospitals, less than 40% of public hospitals, private non-profit hospitals a little more, accounting for 40%, and the remaining more than 20% is a private for-profit hospital.

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Research Advancements: Beijing Union Medical College Hospital International Medical Emergency relocation notice

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital International Medical Emergency Department floor plan (August 1 enabled)

As of August 1, 2017, the emergency department of the International Medical Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital will be moved to the second floor of the international medical department on the south side of the Internal Medicine Building. After the relocation, the emergency telephone number of the International Medical Department changed to: 010-69155288.

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Research Advancements: German Emergency Medical Treatment

The German constitution states that emergency medical costs are paid by local governments. National emergency medical organizers are the Red Cross and Auto Club (ADAC), and 90% of ambulances are owned by the Red Cross. The hospital does not undertake the task of transporting patients and is only responsible for the treatment. There are two types of ambulances in Germany, one is fixed, the physicians and doctors are in the hospital, and usually go to work normally. After the emergency center notifies the task, the ambulance arrives at the scene and the ambulance is usually parked near the hospital for service. A radius of 8 km; the other is temporary, that is, physicians and medical aid, ambulances are not the same, if necessary, temporary notice, you can drive or take the fire truck to the accident site.
The most important feature of German emergency medical services is high efficiency. National unified "110" emergency phone number, after receiving the call for help, the ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident in an average of 7 minutes. Helicopters are used extensively for air ambulances. Their service radius is 40 to 80 kilometers and can reach anywhere in only 10 minutes. Each helicopter can carry 2 wounded and sick persons. Many hospitals have helicopters Apron.

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Research Advancements: the Third International Young Life Scientist Forum in Yizhuang and Biotherapy Conference

On November 11th and 12th, “the Third International Young Life Scientist Forum in Yizhuang and Biotherapy Conference” sponsored by Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, supported by China Science and Technology Exchange Center and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs was solemnly opened in Yizhuang, Beijing. As specially invited representative, Professor YAN Wenming, Associate Editor of our journal and Director of Oncology Department in the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University attended the meeting.


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Research Advancements: Initiating Meeting for Asian Glioma Genome Atlas(AGGA)

On November 10th and 11th, the Second Seminar on Glioma Non-surgical Treatment Progress and Initiating Meeting for Asian Glioma Genome Atlas (AGGA) was held in Beijing. Professor YAN Wenming, Associate Editor of our journal and Director of Oncology Department in the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University attended the meeting by invitation. 


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Research Advancements: U.S. emergency medical laws

The U.S. emergency medical service started relatively late and did not develop until the 1970s. Two laws play a key role: a) the "Public Law 89-564, Highway Safety Regulations," which was announced in September 1966, Paragraph 11 of the ordinance deals with the issue of emergency medical services and clearly stipulates plans to improve ambulance services, formulates standards and service plans for pre-hospital emergency personnel and urges states to develop emergency medical systems in their area; and the other is the implementation in November 1973 Public Health 93-154, Emergency Medical System Regulations, which aims to develop a comprehensive emergency medical service system across the country to improve the quality of care, provide basic life support and advanced life-support to reduce morbidity and mortality rate.


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Research Advancements: If the child is in an accident, first aid at Home

Legal evening news (reporter Chen si) the best time to rescue is in 4 minutes, severe trauma to save the prime time is 30 minutes, when accidental injury happens what to do?This morning, the Beijing municipal women's federation "women, family, social lecture hall" family first-aid class projects into the east, the east side of Beijing children's hospital medical staff to dongcheng community, scene first aid class, and issuing of family first aid kit.


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