Emergency: emergency treatment and rescue. Means emergency treatment. Its existence ensures that we can get professional and scientific treatment within the shortest time when unexpected diseases and accidental injuries occur. The severity of the emergency patient's condition determines the order of patient treatment and disposal. The grading of emergency patients is not just for patient sequencing, but also for triage patients so that patients can get the right treatment at the right time in the right area

Outpatient clinic: the doctor in the hospital or clinic in the patient diagnosis and treatment, given not initial diagnosis and medication, or admitted to hospital for treatment. Outpatient consultations are usually patients with mild symptoms of illness, after a set of outpatient diagnostic tools, laboratory tests, to the patient to obtain a preliminary diagnosis, the outpatient doctor can symptomatic treatment that is given to the patient for treatment, if the outpatient doctor on the patient's condition In case of doubt or diagnosis of serious illness is more urgent, then the patient income in hospital wards, in the hospital for further examination or surgery, treatment. Broad-based out-patient clinic also includes emergency. Outpatient classification by outpatient treatment of the patient's condition, the urgency of the need to address and health status, can be divided into general out-patient, health clinic, emergency clinic three.

Source: AEM Editorial Office