How to Rescue Accident Metro Accident?


Subway collision accidental injuries caused by the following: Own collision or inertia leading to head and neck, chest and abdomen and limbs; visceral collisions extrusion injury; blunt or sharp stab wounds.

How to rescue the wounded first aid
Casualties in emergencies are more frightened, emotional. It is recommended that site personnel remain calm and those who have the related rescue experience should explain their intention before the treatment and inform each other of their intention so that the other party can receive relief and relief at ease.

A traumatic bleeding how to bandage to stop bleeding
Rescue others, the first to determine whether there is awareness of the injured. If you find loss of consciousness and poor response, one hand should suppress the forehead, the one hand lift the chin open airway.
Then determine whether there is breathing and pulse. If the wounded thorax robust description of normal breathing, on the contrary, according to the need for artificial respiration; such as the injured carotid pulse powerful, indicating adequate blood volume, it must be side lying.
Next, check that there is no external damage, especially chest and abdomen trauma, from head to toe, and then quickly stop the bleeding, dressing, fixing and handling. Bleeding is the leading cause of death after trauma, the first time to stop bleeding is likely to save people's lives. The most direct way is to pressure wound bleeding point, find the right material for pressure bandaging.
Ocular ear nose and nose bleeding may be a sign of head injury, then do not fill the facial features, wipe clean and can be patency; limbs bleeding, in the upper thigh, upper arm 1/3, make a temporary tourniquet stop Bleeding.
Bandages can be drawn locally, towels, headscarves, clothes will do. Before dressing, we must first look at the wound with or without foreign body, the general injury can be directly bandaged; if there is foreign body, should not be pulled out, but rather it and the body fixed together. For the general wounded, carrying the back, lift, hold the way can be. On the heavier injuries, find a piece of blankets, sheets, the injured in the middle, many people move in unison.
Special Note: Please do not move the wounded at will, we must first observe the injury and rescue by personnel with first aid knowledge.

Second fracture how to aid
On-site personnel should rescue themselves from the scene of the accident and seek assistance from the relevant emergency department (such as 110,120) if they are less likely to be injured before the professional rescuers have arrived. If they are unable to do so, they may call for help and wait on their own Rescue.
Symptoms such as neck pain, physical activity or sensory disturbances, and unconsciousness in the wounded may mean damage to the spine and improper methods in moving such wounded may lead to paraplegia.
When the spine fractures, the patient prone to paralysis of some parts of the body, such as thoracolumbar fractures often cause the lower part of the waist feeling or movement disorders, cervical fracture in addition to increased paraplegia, but also cause respiratory muscle paralysis, or even Life-threatening
Therefore, patients carrying spinal fractures, should be more than 4 people on the hard stretcher with the coordination, keep the patient straight. Patients with fractures of the limbs can be taken locally with plywood or substitutes to do a simple fixed and then quickly sent to the hospital.
No experience of the staff, the best call professional emergency personnel for treatment.

How to rescue three seriously injured Coma
Severe injuries coma injured, need to be CPR first aid, the specific steps are as follows:
Determine the safety of the environment, first aid knelt beside the patient.
The middle finger of the ambulanceman placed the lower edge of the rib arch on the patient's side. The middle finger slides along the rib arch to the meeting point of the bilateral rib arch, where the middle finger is located, and the index finger is closely attached to the middle finger.

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