The Number of Emergency Visits to Children's Hospitals Fell in November From A Year Earlier


The annual average for children's hospitals in Beijing is down by 6.37%, compared with the same period last year.
"Patients do not move, doctors move", Beijing children's hospital national paediatric medical linkage service mode gradually showed results, allowing more children to receive treatment nearby.
In 2013, led by Beijing children's hospital, the national nine children's hospital of the country's first cross-regional group, Beijing children's hospital pediatric specialist alliance, through expert, clinical and scientific research, teaching, management and prevention "six sharing", to establish "the patient did not move, the doctor mobile" medical service system of new pattern.
"Beijing children's hospital group through four years of construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, to different provinces and cities have good support for the development of county-level hospitals, including specialist training, remote consultation, etc., for each region of the pediatric level will have different degree of ascension, and increase the patient trust, quite a few children in the local, no longer blindly to 3 flow."
Beijing children's hospital NiXin introduced yesterday, in four pediatric medical service system, the national pediatric medical service pattern can be summed up as "the first option at the grassroots level, remote consultation complex cases, difficulty in heavy patient referral barrier-free".
Specifically, all member units of the children's hospital group have been installed in the medical office or the doctor's workstation to install the software of graded diagnosis and treatment system.
Grassroots medical institutions were difficult, for instance, in severe cases due to illness need to be transferred to hebei province children's hospital, can through the software system, directly to the patient's electronic medical records to children's hospital of hebei medical department.
After receiving the patient information, children's hospital in hebei province will first through the expert judgment, remote consultation decision was guided by expert remote adjust medication, or directly decided to go to children's hospital in hebei province.
If the children's hospital in hebei province can't solve the problem, it can further connect with Beijing children's hospital.
"We have effectively shortened the patient's communication and information transmission through the means of informatization."
The effect of the nationwide pediatric medical treatment is emerging: in the same period of high incidence of seasonal diseases, the average daily emergency diagnosis of Beijing children's hospital in November was 6 percentage points lower than that of the same period last year.
In hebei province at the same time, this year in November, the children's hospital er visits per door increased by 15.85% than the same period last year, the children's hospital in henan province increased by 20.03% in the er visits daily door, shandong huantai county maternal and child health increased by 40.1% in the er visits daily door...
Over the weekend, the Beijing children's hospital group added three more members, including the gansu maternity and child care center, the Harbin children's hospital and the kunming children's hospital.
So far, 23 council members hospital medical association have been established in this area, covering more than 1300 of couplet of grassroots medical units, a national children's medical center (Beijing) as the core of the national level 4 achieving scale in pediatric medical service system.

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