List any person who has made a significant contribution to a journal article. They also share responsibility and accountability for the results of the published research, and for others who have participated in certain aspects to be listed or acknowledged as contributors in their study. They will handle all correspondence about the article and sign the publishing agreement on behalf of all the authors. They are responsible for ensuring that all the authors’ contact details are correct, and agree on the order that their names will appear in the article. The authors also will need to make sure that affiliations are correct, as explained in more detail below.

Changes of authorship

Authors should carefully check the list of authors and the order of authors before submitting a manuscript.

Any changes in the names of authors in the list of authors, such as additions, deletions, etc., can only be made before the manuscript is accepted for publication. The corresponding author should provide the editorial office with a written confirmation certificate of consent to the change, which should include the reasons for the change of the list of authors and all authors (including existing authors and authors to be added or deleted).

No changes in authorship are allowed without the approval of the editorial board.