The Old Man Suffered From Lung Cancer and Was Admitted to The Emergency Room with Toad Soup Poisoning


The 63-year-old father, who lives in the back lake, was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago and underwent surgery two months ago but recovered after surgery.
In the near future, he told his parents that he could cure cancer by eating toads, and he was able to take poison and recover his heart. He immediately bought a live toad from his hometown.
On the afternoon of the previous day, my father made a pot of toad soup, and after making it, he added a bowl of soup.
Because the taste was so hard to eat, dad forced him to drink half a bowl.
Twenty minutes later, he had nausea and vomiting, and he wanted to take a rest at home, but his wife and his daughter did not dare to delay, and called 120 to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Lake campus after wuhan city central hospital emergency department, and doctors according to the symptoms, combining with the history diagnosed with toad poisoning after gastric lavage, catharsis, rehydration and a series of rescue, more than an hour after yu dad turned the corner and has no big deal.
Affin, director of the emergency department, have medicinal value, toad toad gland and skin gland secretion after the ears of the white slurry drying product is called toad venom, is precious medicinal herbs, containing a variety of biological ingredients, a detoxification, swelling, pain, strong heart diuresis, anti-cancer, anesthesia, and anti radiation etc.
But it is very toxic and cannot be taken directly. It needs to be refined and processed.
The director reminded that if the body is not comfortable after eating a toad, it should be rushed to medical treatment, not blindly trusting the folk side, in case of a poisoning accident.

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