Emergency relief refers to acts and methods of reducing various disaster losses under various emergencies and various natural disasters and wars. It is always accompanied by the development of mankind and the times; it is the course of human development and, in the final analysis, is to resist Crisis, prevent risks, resolve conflicts and continue to accumulate experience of evolution. Another film of the same name, Shanghai Film Studio filmed in 1996, the main story is: August 17, 1995, from a rural migrant workers into the city sick, at stake. Her life and death affect the hearts of the entire city. Although a large number of ordinary people have different situations and different personalities, some even have such shortcomings, but they all have given their love at the critical moment of saving others' lives. Part of the role of the film in person by the parties involved, part of the scene in the scene of the incident shooting.

Electric shock first aid editing
Human body can cause different degrees of body damage after electric shock. When an electric shock occurs, the first aid should be carried out on an hour-by-minute basis.
First, get the electric shocker out of power quickly. Rescuers immediately pull the switch or unplug the plug to completely cut off the power. If the power switch is far from the scene, tools such as insulated hand pliers, axes with a wooden handle, hoes and other tools may be used to cut off the power. Insulation can also be used items, such as dry wooden sticks, bamboo pick the wires open. At the same time as the aid to others, the ambulances should take care to protect themselves. Do not pull the electricians directly with their hands or move the electric wires with damp tools or metal sticks.
When the electric shock from the power, according to the degree of injury on-site first aid. The most serious case of electric shock is to stop breathing. At this point, should not hesitate to carry out artificial respiration, heart pressure. Mouth to mouth artificial respiration is simple and effective, single operation for the first breath, heart pressure 15 times; double operation for a breath, the heart pressure 5 times, the cycle of reciprocating, can not be interrupted. Adhere to artificial respiration and heart pressure is the most effective first aid measures, the transfer of the hospital on the way can not be interrupted.
If the electric shock appears palpitation, weakness, pale, patients should be promptly supine rest, do not force, to reduce the burden on the heart, closely observe the patient breathing, pulse changes, as soon as possible to the hospital for observation and treatment.
If the sudden lightning attacks may appear dilated pupils, heart breathing stopped, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be promptly. While insisting on the cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the spot, we should urgently ask the hospital for help so that doctors can get to the scene as soon as possible for further life support.
Many cases of emergency reminder us: adhere to timely and reasonable first aid on the ground, can significantly improve the success rate of electric shock rescue, rescue the life of electric shock.

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