Recently, Dr. Wang Dong, a member of the Editorial Board of our Journal, held a public health lecture on the theme of “The Relationship between Tumor Occurrence and Food, Housing, and Housing”. The lecture venue is located at the Lecture Hall on the 20th floor of Huijin Center, the Financial Street Center near Binjiang Road Stomatological Hospital in Heping District, Tianjin. China. Dr. Wang Dong is a Doctor of Oncology, Postdoctoral Medicine of Northwestern University, USA. The General Hospital Medical School teaching practice for 20 years. During the post-doctoral period in preventive medicine in the United States, he has a wealth of knowledge about preventive health care. He has been a guest at several TV stations, and the Daily Report has also reported his story. Dr. Wang Dong joined our Journal earlier this year and contributed to the development of the Journal.

The following is the outline of this lecture:

  • 2017 China Urban Cancer Latest Data Report
  • Tumor prevention
  • Primary tumor prevention
  • General risk factors for tumors
  • Secondary tumor prevention
  • Tumor tertiary prevention
  • What are the common precancerous diseases?
  • What is a high-risk group of cancer?
  • Detail the high-risk population of several major tumors.
  • What are the cancers that are clearly associated with diet?
  • Can cancer be prevented?
  • Introduce some cancer prevention foods
  • How to pay attention to cancer prevention in the family?
  • How to prevent cancer at work?
  • How to prevent cancer in the environment?
  • How do individuals prevent cancer?