German Private Hospital


Germany: More than 60% are private hospitalsGermany currently has about 2,200 hospitals, of which about 1,900 general hospitals. In general hospitals, less than 40% of public hospitals, private non-profit hospitals a little more, accounting for 40%, and the remaining more than 20% is a private for-profit hospital.
Both in terms of number and number of beds, private nonprofit and for-profit hospitals have increased year by year.
Anyone can start a hospital in Germany, but the approval is very strict
According to Article 30 of the German Industry Regulations, anyone with foreigners, including the German government, may set up a hospital or a private medical institution in Germany as long as the conditions are met and the relevant matters are approved by the competent federal agencies.
Of course, though, the conditions for starting a hospital in Germany are quite high.
According to the German "Hospital Financing Law," investment programs submitted by investors must be accepted by the state concerned.
Community hospitals in Germany are basically private clinics, and private clinics are not open to anyone who wants to open. The examination and approval process of the clinic is the same as that of the Germans and is very rigorous and prudent.
In Germany, every city, every community and every place is calculated according to area size, population density, etc. There should be several hospitals and what kind of clinics should be done. All of them are very scientific and strictly approved. Multiple batches.
The private clinic doctors, can be said to be doctors, to have a large hospital qualifications, that is to say there must be a certain level and duration, so many years in a large hospital, or have a word of mouth before they can come out to open Clinic, or no one will patronize you.
But meet the technical conditions, but also wait for the opportunity. Because community clinics are also scientifically set, they are essentially saturated. Therefore, we must wait for a clinic in a certain place, because of various reasons, it is possible to replace it. If the community already has a private clinic, it will not approve the second one.

Source: Advanced Emergency Medicine Editorial Office