Medical letter of the national health office [2017] 1189
The health and family planning commission of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, xinjiang production and construction corps health bureau:
For further disease emergency relief work, timely grasp the emergency rescue information across disease, according to the emergency rescue work instruction for the diseases (try out) "regulation, regarding the required notice is as follows:
1. Accurately grasp the scope of use of the rescue fund
The local governments shall, in accordance with the provisions of the policies and regulations, apply for the approval of the rescue fund.
The salvage object should meet the basic requirements of emergency, emergency but not clear or unable to pay the corresponding expenses.
The treatment and treatment should be in line with the standard and diagnosis and treatment of emergency medical emergency treatment. The treatment measures are urgent, must and basic.
If it does not belong to the scope of use of the rescue fund, it cannot apply for the rescue fund.
Ii. Provide information disclosure and file management for patients with assistance
Agencies, medical institutions must be posted to the society, news media, a variety of ways, such as the Internet public information about the bailout fund, rescue and salvage value, in particular, should accept social supervision.
The salvage fund shall not be disbursed without public notice.
Disease agency orgnaization, medical institutions should, in accordance with the emergency rescue work guidelines (trial) ", to help patients establish special file, save the bailout fund appropriated application, audit, etc, and will be published in archives, for audit and accept their supervision.
Third, increase the publicity and training of the rescue system
Around in order to strengthen the publicity and training of emergency rescue system disease, provinces, cities and two levels of the family planning administrative department of public health organizations at least once a year training activities, cover all borne diseases within their respective jurisdictions emergency rescue mission of medical institutions, improve the pre-hospital first aid, hospital emergency department and intensive medicine knowledge of medical staff.
All patients who meet the conditions of rescue should apply for the rescue fund.
The family planning administrative department of public health at the same time, to jointly with relevant departments, actively carry out the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical treatment, the road traffic accident social relief fund, fund of relief for vagrants and beggars and other security system of training, promotion agencies, medical institutions control system requirements, completes the system between the cohesion.
4. Manage the rescue data
Around to work on my "about strengthening disease emergency rescue information management notice (countries who do medical letter [2017] no. 551), the disease since the establishment of emergency rescue system of data information, all the input register disease emergency rescue information platform.
On June 1, 2017 to November 30 during produce, comply with the relevant information of the bailout fund to pay limits, provincial family planning administrative department of public health have to fill out the disease case statistics of emergency relief fund for payments and the disease emergency rescue funds summary table (see attachment 1, attachment 2), on December 10th in email form submitted by medical hospital authority.

Source:National Health Planning Commission