Hemilike First Aid Method

Professor Heimlike is a doctor in the United States for many years engaged in surgery. In clinical practice, he was shocked by the large number of food, foreign body suffocation caused by respiratory tract obstruction. In the first aid emergency, the doctor often uses the method of patting the back of the patient or finger to the throat to remove the foreign body. The result is not only invalid, but the foreign body further penetrates the respiratory tract. After repeated studies and repeated animal experiments, he finally invented the first aid method of utilizing the residual gas in the lungs to form a gas flow to flush out foreign bodies. In 1974, he made his first report on abdominal impact removal of tracheal foreign bodies. Foreign body clogging in the respiratory tract in our life is not uncommon, some time ago appeared a similar case. Therefore, due to foreign body clogging in the respiratory tract caused by the consequences is still very serious. Heimlich Maneuver, also called Heimlich Maneuver, was invented by the American doctor Mr. Hemlik, also known as the Haitian technique. 

Apply to first aid adults If you are an adult, ambulances stand behind the victim, clinging to the abdomen from behind, arms around the waist and abdomen, one hand fist, fist inward pressing the victim between the navel and the ribs ; The other hand into the palm of your hand over the fist, his hands quickly forced upward squeeze, repeated until the obstruction vomit.

If it is 3 years old children

The child should be picked up immediately, one hand pinch the child on both sides of the cheekbones, arms close to the child's chest, the other hand holding the child's neck, let face down, lying on the knee of the ambulance. Take 1-5 shots on your child's back and observe if the child will spit the foreign body out.

Baby version

5 times the beat back method will help the patient's body ambulance on the forearm, the head down, the ambulance officer hand support the head and neck of the wounded; palm with another palm in the back of the two scapula Inter beat 5 times.
5 times the chest pressure method If the blockage has not been ruled out, the implementation of 5 times chest compression method. Children lying, facing up, lying on a hard floor or on the bed, the rescuer knelt or stand in the foot, or take a seat, and to ride the child on both rescuer's thigh, face forward. Rescuers with both hands of the middle finger or index finger, on the chest and umbilical children under the abdomen, quickly swipe up the pressure, but to just with soft. Repeat until the foreign body is discharged.


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