Sprint How The First Aid of These 4 Points Is Very Important


Sprain how the first aid? Although sprain is a frequent accidental injury in life, most people do not know how to deal with first aid when an accident occurs. Therefore, we need to learn some first aid knowledge to deal with possible unexpected injuries at any time. Experts said that grasping "rice" (English rice) emergency treatment can help prevent the disease from further aggravating and speeding recovery when such injuries occur as sprains, bruises and muscle strains appear.

The first step, rest (rest).

Resting immediately after the injury can promote faster recovery, reduce pain, bleeding or swelling, to prevent the deterioration of the injury.

The second step, cold (ice).

15-20 minutes after the rest to be cold compress 15-20 minutes, and then take the ice off 5 minutes before applying. Vasoconstriction can reduce swelling, pain and spasms. Cold feeling when the skin has four stages: cold → pain → burning → numbness, when it becomes numb to end the cold. Do not stop cold and too early to switch to heat, cold use within two days of injury every day at least 3-4 times, the more serious injury is recommended to use cold 3 days, and swelling significantly subsided before considering the use of heat.

The third step, compression (compression).

First cover the wound with a clean dressing, hand, bandage and other compression of the affected area, can slow the deterioration of the injury. When bandaging, starting from the wound a few inches under the package, about half of the spiral overlap, the average and slightly pressure gradually wrapped, but the injury should be more loose, to ensure blood circulation of the injured limbs Smooth. To observe the color of toes or fingers, if there is pain, skin discoloration, paralysis, tingling and other symptoms, that package is too tight, should be unwound.

The fourth step, elevation (elevation).

Raise the injury to the height of the patient's heart, hemostasis can stop bleeding. If you suspect a fracture, the injury should be fixed with a splint and then lifted.

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