German Emergency Medical Treatment


The German constitution states that emergency medical costs are paid by local governments. National emergency medical organizers are the Red Cross and Auto Club (ADAC), and 90% of ambulances are owned by the Red Cross. The hospital does not undertake the task of transporting patients and is only responsible for the treatment. There are two types of ambulances in Germany, one is fixed, the physicians and doctors are in the hospital, and usually go to work normally. After the emergency center notifies the task, the ambulance arrives at the scene and the ambulance is usually parked near the hospital for service. A radius of 8 km; the other is temporary, that is, physicians and medical aid, ambulances are not the same, if necessary, temporary notice, you can drive or take the fire truck to the accident site.
The most important feature of German emergency medical services is high efficiency. National unified "110" emergency phone number, after receiving the call for help, the ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident in an average of 7 minutes. Helicopters are used extensively for air ambulances. Their service radius is 40 to 80 kilometers and can reach anywhere in only 10 minutes. Each helicopter can carry 2 wounded and sick persons. Many hospitals have helicopters Apron.

Source: Medical Education Network