Is it zhang wo health hospital?
My old man's chest is suffocated, it is an old habit to be a mistake again, can the doctor come over to see?"
"Ok, how to call you, where do you live?
How old is your wife?
Any medical history?
We'll send a doctor right away...
This is a telephone call from the emergency department of the community health service center of zhangjiakwo town, xiqing district.
A few minutes later, zhang jiayi's ambulance arrived at the patient's home, and the doctor came to zhang's home with a blood pressure instrument and an electrocardiogram machine, and gave him a simple examination.
After examination, zhang da ye is the chest is suffocated with high blood pressure.
It is understood that the town of zhangjiakwo in xiqing district invested 600,000 yuan in an ambulance, serving the residents of the town and the family doctors to sign up for the more difficult people to seek medical treatment.
The patient can call the emergency department, and the doctor can carry out the general test and treatment program, such as blood sampling, gastric tube and catheterials