Liver Rupture Diagnosis and Treatment Routine


Liver rupture
Liver rupture is a common disease in abdominal trauma, rupture of the right liver is more than the left liver. Liver is located in the right subdiaphragmatic and quarter rib deep, protected by the thorax and diaphragm, generally not easy to damage, but because of the fragile liver texture, vascular rich, and fixed by the ligaments around, and therefore vulnerable to external violence or sharp stab wounds Cause rupture bleeding. When the liver enlargement due to disease, more vulnerable to external forces. Severe hemorrhagic shock often occurs after liver injury, and leakage of bile into the abdominal cavity causes juice peritonitis and secondary infection. So what are the symptoms and treatment of liver rupture? let's figure it out together.

Symptoms of ruptured liver

1, the liver is located in the abdomen, when the liver rupture, the most obvious physical symptoms in patients with abdominal pain. In addition, long-term pain in the right upper quadrant of some patients may radiate to the surrounding area, causing pain in the right shoulder and other areas.
2, the patient's liver rupture appears to pale skin, severe bleeding in patients with internal phenomena, and often lead to decreased blood pressure in patients, and even cause shock in patients.
Liver rupture treatment Note:
1, liver rupture is to be actively treated. Liver rupture is often more serious, will bring great pain to the patient's body, if not treated in time, it will seriously endanger the patient's liver and the entire body, and sometimes even lead to patient death, so be sure to active treatment. Treatment of liver rupture dominated by the infusion, antibiotics and other drugs adjuvant therapy.
2, liver rupture after treatment, or after surgery should pay attention to proper fasting. Liver rupture combined with surgery, will cause great harm to the patient's liver, liver surgery after surgery is not enough to eat something, it will cause a strong stimulation of the patient's liver, which will affect the recovery of the patient's liver.
Although severe liver rupture, but not terrible, patients friends do not have to be too nervous, in modern advanced medical technology, liver rupture can be effectively cured. Patients and friends in the treatment process should try their best to maintain the confidence and maintain a good mental state, so as to benefit the treatment.

Liver rupture treatment

(A) Surgical treatment
Temporarily control bleeding, identify injuries as soon as possible. Once the operation is decided, the abdominal cavity should be rapidly dissected. Efforts to control the bleeding time. Then according to liver injury choose the appropriate surgical approach.
(B) non-surgical treatment
Indications for non-surgical treatment:
1. Conscious patients admitted to the hospital, the correct answer to the doctor's questions and cooperate with the physical examination.
2. Hemodynamically stable, systolic blood pressure above 90mmHg, pulse rate less than 100 beats / min.
3. No signs of peritonitis.
4.B ultrasound or CT examination to determine mild liver injury (â…  ~ â…¡ degrees).
No other visceral injuries were found. In the conservative treatment process, but also must be clear the following two points:
(1) After transfusion or blood transfusion 300 ~ 500ml, blood pressure and pulse rate returned to normal quickly, and remained stable.
(2) repeated B-ultrasound, liver damage proved stable, intra-abdominal blood volume did not increase or gradually decreased. However, indications for non-surgical treatment is not accurate or grasp is not, we must be used with caution.

Source: AEM Editorial Office