Earthquake Survival And First Aid Common Sense


Earthquakes have been more frequent in recent years. From the Wenchuan earthquake in China to the earthquake in Miyagi prefecture in Japan, all these led to very serious consequences. The same earthquake hit Turkey yesterday, with an estimated 500-1,000 deaths. Disasters caused by the earthquake include the collapse of buildings, the fire and the plague after the earthquake which can cause a large number of casualties.

When a big earthquake happens, if the magnitude is not high at the beginning, people should leave the complex quickly and disperse it in open space. The buildings that often left the building before they were left behind were buried or injured.
From the data of Tangshan Earthquake in our country, some people can survive in the rubble buried because:
1, no fatal visceral injuries;
2, try to find a moral outlet to find the vent, and then find the exit, and quickly out of the nephew of the ruins of houses;
3, did not hear the excavation noise and paging sound, do not shout or meaningless to tumble, panic, shouting chaos will speed up the metabolism, increase oxygen consumption, but also inhalation of a large number of smoke and suffocation.

Thus, although the earthquake can not be completely avoided and controlled by mankind at present, as long as the skill of self-help and mutual aid can be mastered, the disaster can be minimized. Summarized the following points:
1, Keep calm In the earthquake, it was observed that many innocent people were not injured by crushing or crushing house collapses, but due to the collapse of the spirit, the hope of losing their existence, shouting and shouting at the extreme Terrified himself in fear. This is because chaos shouts can speed up metabolism, increase oxygen consumption, reduce physical exertion, and reduce tolerance. At the same time, yelling and shouting will surely inhale a large amount of smoke and dust and may easily cause suffocation and increase unnecessary casualties. The correct attitude is in any harsh environment, always be calm, analyze the environment, find a way out, waiting for rescue.
2, bleeding, fixed crush and crush injury is a common earthquake damage. Open wounds, bleeding should be the first to raise the affected limb hemostasis, while calling for help. On open fractures, should not be reset on site to prevent tissue injury again, generally covered with clean gauze wounds, simple operation and then fixed. Different parts of the fracture, according to different requirements for fixed. With reference to different injuries, injury classification, grading, to the hospital for further processing.
3, proper treatment of wound crush injury, should try to relieve the pressure, met a large area trauma, to keep the wound clean, bandage clean gauze wounds, suspected tetanus and bacillus aerogenes infection, should immediately with the hospital Contact, timely diagnosis and treatment. On a large area of trauma and severe trauma, oral sugar and salt can be taken to prevent shock.


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