If the Child is in An Accident, First Aid at Home


Legal evening news (reporter Chen si) the best time to rescue is in 4 minutes, severe trauma to save the prime time is 30 minutes, when accidental injury happens what to do?This morning, the Beijing municipal women's federation "women, family, social lecture hall" family first-aid class projects into the east, the east side of Beijing children's hospital medical staff to dongcheng community, scene first aid class, and issuing of family first aid kit.

For families aged 0 to 12 in dongcheng district, the first batch of health classes will conduct 5 on-site first-aid classes, with 20 families participating in each class.East at children's hospital nurses Ma Yuegong director introduces, the training topics include common trauma treatment (dislocated fracture, judgment, bandaging, bleeding, etc.), burn treatment, how effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), an emergency call for help, pediatric airway foreign body treatment, sudden convulsions 11 families such as fighting, heat stroke, hypoglycemia prevention common accident harm to theme.

Source: netease news

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