Senior emergency pager is composed of the host, emergency button and UPS uninterruptible power supply. It is mainly used for empty-nesters self-help or other needs of emergency situations, elderly people living alone, empty-nesters to carry, hanging in front of a pager or remote control device. The elderly emergency response system refers to the elderly once faced with sudden illness, such as danger encountered "emergency", just press the "emergency pager" emergency button or hung on the chest remote control button, you can community emergency Call the system center for help. In the emergency response system for the elderly, even if the elderly are unable to speak, the operator can learn about the information of the elderly through the information on the elderly pop-up on the computer and contact the waiter or volunteer responsible for caring for the elderly in time to give emergency medical care to the elderly.

The functions and features of the elderly emergency pager products:

1, emergency help function: the elderly encountered a sudden emergency press the emergency button, the alarm signal can be sent, the caller can enter up to six emergency call. The elderly do not need to go to the phone before, but do not need to make calls, easy to use and simple, the maximum protection of the lives of the elderly.

2, recording function: Pre-recorded 10-second digital voice message for outgoing voice distress signal.

3, networking call features: Terminal call host with the 120 emergency center, community distress management center network, call for help management center for the elderly to build a service platform for the elderly to provide more security.

Understand what is the emergency pager for the elderly, Xiaobian remind you that the elderly are vulnerable groups, we need more care, children should do their duty and responsibility, so that the elderly can be rehabilitated in their later years.

Source:Health Road network

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