Teach You How to Save Yourself After Burn


Burn is a common traumatic injury in daily life. Whether the self-help of burn is timely or not will have an important influence on the future treatment, prognosis and prognosis. Therefore, to understand some knowledge of self-help burn is necessary.
(A), the general burn
1. No matter what kind of burns (flame, boiling water, chemical, electricity) should be quickly separated from the source of the injury.
2. As soon as possible off the fire or hot dip impregnated clothes.
3. Small area burn should be as early as possible cold treatment, cold treatment time is 30-60 minutes, to relieve pain after cold therapy significantly relieve the degree. More than 30% of large area burn patients should not be cold therapy.
The specific method is: burn the wound under tap tap or immersed in cold water, cold (ice) can also be used wet towel, gauze and other deposited in the wound. Cold treatment time is about 30-60 minutes, the temperature is 15-20 ℃.
4. After cold therapy to prevent wound contamination, the application of clean gauze or a single package wound.
5. Merger injuries should be dealt with immediately, if bleeding should be the first to stop bleeding, fractures should be simple to fix.
6. The wounds should not be painted with colored medicines or oils, such as Mercury, gentian violet, soy sauce, mayonnaise, toothpaste, sesame oil and so on. So as not to affect the doctor's judgment of the depth of the wound.
7. keep warm.
(B), special material burn self-help Note:
1. Oral corrosive acid can cause upper digestive tract burns, laryngeal edema and breathing difficulties, such as ovalbumin or milk can be neutralized, to disable baking soda and gastric lavage or emetic use to avoid gastric perforation.
2. Lime burns due to lime reaction water can emit a lot of heat, aggravating the damage, it should be left in the wound on the quicklime clean, then rinse with water.
3. Phosphorus burns phosphorus spontaneous combustion in the air, so self-help should first remove contaminated clothing, rinse the wound with plenty of water and the surrounding skin, the phosphorus and its compounds washed away in the case of lack of water, the application of wet soaked (You can even use urine) Wrap or cover the wound to isolate the air. When dressing, disable any oleaginous drug or gauze, to avoid the phosphorus dissolved in the oil is absorbed.

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