Dongtai People's Hospital Stroke Center Has Been Officially Operated


Recently, the people's hospital of dongtai people's hospital has been working under the care of leaders at all levels.
On November 10, the center in the emergency department conducted a successful in early cerebral infarction thrombolysis, patients before sending to the municipal people's hospital emergency department 40 minutes without significant factors in right limbs weakness, on the right upper limb muscle strength â…¡ level, lower limb muscle â…£ level, immediately after admission to ecg monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, row CT in cerebral infarction.
Hospital neurology, intervention, director of the emergency department and so on more than a joint consultation, by joint analysis of the illness, an immediate atenolol, enzyme thrombolysis treatment in accordance with the adr improve dysfunction caused by cerebral infarction, Laura's dynamic blood pressure control, because the treatment in place in time, about three hours after thrombolysis, mental patients, left and right side of the limb muscle into â…¤ level, blood pressure fluctuations within the normal range, cerebral embolism recanalization of success.
Under the concerted efforts of medical staff, the patient's condition gradually stabilized and was transferred to the neurology ward that night.

In recent years, dongtai people's hospital attaches great importance to the threat of cerebrovascular accident to the life and health of the people, and the preparation of stroke center has been in an orderly manner.
The first successful early thrombolytic infarction patients marked the official operation of stroke center in the hospital.
After a successful treatment for patients with the diagnosis and treatment of accumulated clinical experience, one is the leaders at all levels of cerebral apoplexy and the importance of patients with cerebrovascular accident treatment center, the second is the emergency department accepts the timely and effective diagnosis and condition monitoring, the third is thrombolysis treatment as a key measure of reperfusion therapy can make the occlusion of cerebral vascular recanalization, four is medical personnel closely monitoring, positive treatment is the assurance of successful thrombolysis.
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