The Synergistic Effect Of Lutein With Blue Light Filtration In The Eye Health Of Electronic Device Users

  • Yongshuai Zhang Nursing and Health College of Xinjiang Applied Vocational and Technical College
  • Ying Li Xuzhou Medical University affiliated Xuzhou Municipal Hospital
Keywords: Lutein; Blue Light Filtering; Electronic Equipment; Eye Health; Vision Protection


This article delves into the synergistic role of lutein and blue light filtration technology in the eye health of electronic device users. The potential effects of electronic device use on eye health are first described, including the nature of blue light, vision problems caused by long-term use, and research related to vision deterioration. Secondly, the mechanism of action of lutein, including its distribution and func_x0002_tion in the eye, as well as its filtering effect on blue light, is elaborated, and how lutein can reduce the negative effects of electronic screen use is discussed. Subsequently, the principle, application and effect of blue light filtering technology on reducing eye fatigue were analyzed, and some limitations and challenges of this technology were pointed out. The final section discusses the synergistic effects of lutein and blue light filtering technology, including how the two work together, the effect of synergies on improving vision protection, and practical application suggestions and strategies. Through the comprehensive analysis of these contents, this paper aims to provide scientific eye protection suggestions for users of electronic devices and promote the comprehensive management of eye health.


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