Pulmonary Artery CTA and CT Abdominal Plain Enhancement One-Stop Scanning Methods and Application Value

  • Sheng Duan West China Hospital
Keywords: Pulmonary Artery CTA; One-Stop Scanning Imaging; Pulmonary Embolism


Objective: To investigate the feasibility and application value of one-stop scanning method of CTA angiography of pulmonary artery and plain abdominal enhancement. Methods: In the following study, a total of two patients were selected from our hospital to undergo CTPA and plain abdominal enhancement scanning, and the feasibility of one-stop scanning was investigated by analyzing the examination parameters of the two patients. Results: The one-stop scanning method of pulmonary artery CTA and CT abdominal plain enhancement can provide accurate clinical information, shorten the examination time and reduce the use of contrast agents after parametric and clinical evaluation.


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