Study On The Mechanism Of Jiedu Sanjie Recipe In The Treatment Of Liver Cancer Based On Network Pharmacology

  • Zhen Zhang Graduate School of Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Zhenbin Hu The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine
  • Qiaoxiao Xu Graduate School of Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Jiedu Sanjie Recipe; Liver Cancer; Internet Pharmacology; Mechanism of Action


Objective: to study the mechanism of action of Jiedu Sanjie Recipe in the treatment of Liver Cancer through network pharmacology. Method: Collect and screen the active ingredients of Jiedu Sanjie Recipe through the Traditional Chinese Medicine System Pharmacology Database and Analysis Platform (TCMSP), and search for the human target protein corresponding to the active ingredients in the database; screen out the target set of liver cancer-related diseases through GeneCards and OMIM database; construct a Venn diagram to obtain the key target of Jiedu Sanjie Recipe for treating liver cancer; use Cytoscape 3.8.0 software to construct drug-component-target-pathway network; use Cytoscape software and BisoGenet plug-in to construct protein interaction network, use CytoNCA plug-in and R language to perform network topology analysis, gene ontology functional annotation (GO) and KEGG rich Collect pathway analysis to understand the possible biological processes and pathways of Jiedu Sanjie Decoction in treating liver cancer. Results: A total of 89 active ingredients of Jiedu Sanjie Prescription, 170 targets and 1885 liver cancer targets were obtained; After mapping, 114 potential targets of Jiedu Sanjie Recipe for liver cancer are obtained, and the core active ingredients are quercetin, luteolin, kaempferol, wogonin, baicalein, etc. The core targets NTRK1, TP53, CUL3, ESR1, MCM2, etc., involving lipids and atherosclerosis, chemical carcinogenesis-receptor activation signaling pathways, Ka_x005fposi’s sarcoma-associated herpes virus infection, fluid shear stress and atherosclerosis Cirrhosis, hepatitis C, AGE-RAGE signaling pathway, hepatitis B, human cytomegalovirus infection, cancer proteoglycan, TNF signaling pathway, IL-17 signaling pathway, etc.Conclusion: This study reveals the mechanism of the multi-component, multi-target, and multi-channel treatment of liver cancer by “Knowing Du Sanjie Decoction”, and provides a basis for the clinical application of Chinese medicine prescriptions for liver cancer.


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