Visual Analysis of The Citespace-based COPD Research On The Stable Care Field

  • Yuanyuan Wang DaLi University
  • Luodan Fan Affiliated Hospital of Yunnan University
  • Xuan Li DaLi University
  • Tingxuan Chu DaLi University
  • Li Wang Affiliated Hospital of Yunnan University
Keywords: Copd Stable Period; Nursing; Citespace


Objective To explore the research hotspot and development frontier of stable care in COPD. Methods The CNKI database was searched, and the search year was set from January 1,2013 to March 31,2023. citespace software was used to visually analyze the distribution of publications, authors and institutions, keyword co-occurrence and clustering. Results A total of 511 articles were included, among which the number of articles showed a significant upward trend from 2013 to 2019;Xiaolei Shang Shang , Guifang Yu and other 21 authors; the school of Nursing of Nanjing Medical University has 3 articles; The research focus focus on quality of **life, extended nursing, compliance, TCM nursing, etc. The research frontier is mainly in exercise endurance. Conclusion Clinical medical staff should establish scientific evi_x005fdence-based intervention program and establish evidence-based patient care in stable COPD to improve patients’ exercise endurance.


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