The clinical effection of thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy in the treatment of peripheral lung cancer

  • Peirui Chen People’s Hospital of Deyang City
  • Zheng Qin People’s Hospital of Deyang City
  • Jing Lv People’s Hospital of Deyang City
  • Mingqiang Diao People’s Hospital of Deyang City
Keywords: VATS; Subsegmentectomy; Lung Cancer


Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy in the treatment of patients with early lung cancer. Methods: A retrospective analysis was performed between January 2021 and December 2022 The clinical data of 121 patients with early lung cancer admitted to the hospital were collected. According to different surgical methods, they were divided into control group (n=59) and observation group (n=62). The observation group was given thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy, and the control group was given thoracoscopic segmentectomy. The perioperative indicators, inflammatory factors and complications were compared between the two groups. Results: The number of resected subsegments in the observation group was less than that in the control group.The levels of CRP and PCT in the observation group were lower than those in the control group. There was no significant difference in the incidence of complications, operation time, intraoperative blood loss, width of lesion margin, and length of hospital stay between the two groups. Conclusions: Thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy and thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy have the same surgical effect in the treatment of early stage lung cancer, but thoracoscopic subsegmentectomy can reduce the number of resected subsegments and reduce the inflammatory response after operation.


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