Analysis of Abnormal Gait in the Diagnosis of Early Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Review

  • Hepu Zhao College of Electronic Information Engineering, Xi’an Technological University
  • Baiwei Xu College of Electronic Information Engineering, Xi’an Technological University
  • Shizhen Ti College of Electronic Information Engineering, Xi’an Technological University
Keywords: Neurodegenerative Diseases; Early Diagnosis;Abnormal Gait; Non-Contact Detection


Early detection of neurodegenerative diseases can increase the possibility to access to treatment, and assist in advance care plan-ning. At present, most of the gait researches focus on the design and application of recognition tools for disease diagnosis, such as recording the walking and movement status through wearable sensor devices, while, relatively less non-contact machine vision is used to measure gait. The non-contact gait detection method is characterized by the advantages, including the absence of human cooperation, non-invasive nature and so on, which is also suitable for long-distance perception. In this paper, we focused on some non-contact analysis methods for abnormal gait, and it is hoped that it can provide guidance for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.


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