Observation on the Clinical Treatment Effect of Gynecological Endocrine Disorders

  • Wenzhi Wang Shaanxi People’s Hospital
Keywords: Gynecology; Endocrine Disorders; Clinical Treatment; Efect


Objective: To explore the clinical treatment methods and specifc therapeutic efects of gynecological endocrine disorders. Method: An experiment was conducted on endocrine disorders patients admitted to the gynecology department of a certain hospital in China from No-vember 2021 to November 2022. Forty patients were randomly selected as the experimental study subjects and divided into a control group and a study group. Among them, the control group adopts conventional treatment methods, while the research group adopts clomiphene capsules and hormone therapy based on conventional treatment methods. The clinical efcacy of the two experimental groups of patients is compared to determine the appropriate conventional treatment method. The levels of sexual hormones before and after the two experimental groups of patients and the clinical treatment efect are compared. Result: The treatment efect of the control group patients will be lower than that of the study group, and the treatment efectiveness rate of the control group patient group is about 70%. The efective rate of treatment in the patient group of the research group is about 95%. Conclusion: Through experimental argumentation, it can be understood that adding hor-mone and clomiphene capsules to the clinical treatment efect based on conventional treatment methods will be better, and it can be promoted and popularized.


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