Application of Modern Trace Examination Techniques In Forensic Science and Their Legal Aspects

  • Shukun Luo Forensic Science Identification Center of Erdao Changchun
  • Xiaowen Qin The Second Norman Bethune Hospital of Jilin University
Keywords: Modern Trace Inspection Technology; Forensic Science;Application; Legal Issues


In the process of case investigation, trace examination and forensic examination and identifcation can provide reliable evidence information, laying a good foundation for case detection. So in the process of case investigation through the application of modern trace in-spection technology, at the same time the application of modern trace inspection technology to forensic science can efectively improve the efciency and quality of case investigation. But the modern trace inspection technology applied to forensic science there are certain legal issues, the need for relevant personnel to take appropriate measures to deal with. In this paper, the application of modern trace inspection technology in forensic science and related legal issues are explained.


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