Analysis on the Effects of Whole-process Exercise Combined with Dietary Nutrition Intervention in the Treatment of Gestational Diabetes

  • Lingyan Zhang Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital
  • Qianjing Dong Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital
Keywords: Gestational Diabetes; Whole Process Movement; Dietary Nutrition; Application Effects


Objective: To investigate the effect of whole-process exercise combined with dietary nutrition intervention in the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus. Methods: A total of 84 patients with gestational diabetes admitted to our hospital within 1 year from 2022.05 to 2023.05 were selected as research subjects, and they were divided into control group (42 cases, using conventional intervention) and observation group (42 cases, using whole-process exercise combined with dietary nutrition intervention) according to the random number table method. The treatment effects of the two groups were analyzed. Results: Both groups achieved certain results after receiving the intervention, but the blood glucose level, weight gain level, maternal and infant outcomes of the observation group after the whole process of exercise combined with dietary nutrition intervention were better than those in the control group, and the differences were statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion: The use of whole-process exercise combined with dietary nutrition intervention in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus can effectively reduce their blood glucose level, control their weight gain, and reduce the risk of adverse maternal and infant outcomes.


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