Comparative Analysis of Laparoscopy Through Single Umbilical Hole and Traditional Laparoscopy

  • Wenzhi Wang Shaanxi People's Hospital
Keywords: Laparoscopy, Gynecology, Clinical Medical Treatment, Standardization, Application Measures


Objective: To explore the standardized application effect of laparoscopy in gynecological clinical medical treatment. Methods: The experiment was carried out in patients admitted to gynecology department in a hospital in China from October 2021 to October 2022. 30 patients were selected as the research subject by random sampling, and 30 patients were divided into two experimental groups by using the digital random table. They were the experimental group and the control group. There were 15 patients in both experimental groups. The control group was treated by conventional Laparoscopy, The experimental group was treated with single hole Laparoscopy via umbilical cord. Result: Through experimental research, the surgical time of patients in the experimental group was longer than that of the control group, but the postoperative exhaust time and surgical water loss scores of patients in this experimental group were better than those in the conventional group, and P<0.05; The probability of postoperative complications in the experimental group patients will be significantly lower than that in the control group patients, P<0.05. Conclusion: Compared with traditional Laparoscopy, transumbilical single hole Laparoscopy has a better diagnosis and treatment effect, which can further alleviate the pain of patients and enable them to recover as soon as possible.


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