Domain Ontology Construction in the Glioma

Lanxin Huang, Na Sun


Objective To construct a domain ontology for glioma, and to achieve knowledge sharing and reasoning in the field of glioma through reuse and sharing of knowledge. Methods A domain ontology for glioma was constructed using the Ontology Web Language as the description language and a seven-step approach with the help of the ontology construction tool Protégé 5.5.0 as a knowledge source. Results A more comprehensive knowledge system related to glioma was presented, with 35 classes, 85 instances, 8 object properties and 5 data properties constructed. Conclusion By integrating the glioma knowledge and establishing the corresponding domain ontology, it provides knowledge support and reasoning basis for sharing, reusing and building the knowledge base of glioma knowledge.


Glioma; Ontology; Protégé; Domain ontology

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