Effect of Tibetan Compound Wuwei manna bath on langxiu disease

Maocuo Li


Objective To observe the effect of Tibetan Compound Wuwei manna bath in the treatment of langxiu disease. Methods 96 patients with “langxiu” disease in our hospital from January 2020 to January 2021 were randomly selected for the study, according to the computer random method, 48 cases were divided into a group and group B were treated with Tibetan medicine compound five flavor manna bath. Then the therapeutic effect and adverse reactions of the two groups were compared. Results: after treatment, the treatment effect of group B was better than that of group A, and the incidence of adverse reactions of group B was lower than that of group A. P < 0.05; Conclusion: the patients with langxiu disease were treated with Tibetan medicine compound Wuwei manna bath,It can effectively improve the treatment effect and reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions, which is worthy of wide promotion and application.


Tibetan medicine compound Wuwei manna bath Langxiu disease; Treatment effect;

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