Development of NCOVID-19 Colloidal Gold Immunochromatographic Test Strip

Wenyi Liu, Zhaohua Li


Purpose: To establish a fast, simple and accurate method and immunoassay test card for the detection of new coronavirus (nCOVID-19) antigen. Methods: In this study, colloidal gold immunochromatography technology was used to detect nCOVID-19 virus antigens through the sandwich method. At the same time, the preparation plan of colloidal gold was improved, and the application of rapid immune-diagnosis technology in other fields was developed. In this study, purified recombinant nCOVID-19 nucleocapsid protein is used as the antigen to prepare murine monoclonal antibodies. The BN02 antibody produced by the mouse is used as the detection antibody to couple with colloidal gold, forming a gold-labeled complex probe. BN9m1 is used as the coating antibody for the C-line, and ProA is used for the T-line. The polymerization of colloidal gold particles enables us to detect the new coronavirus antigen’s appearance. Thus an in vitro rapid detection kit for virus detection can be made. Results: The positive detection rate of the antigen quality control serum with this colloidal gold reagent was 100%. The specificity was 100%, and the sensitivity was 1ng/ml.  Conclusion: The nCOVID-19 antigen detection reagent (colloidal gold method) developed in this research has high specificity and sensitivity, and can be used in conjunction with nucleic acid detection. As a means of detecting nCOVID-19, it can achieve qualitative and rapid screening of samples with advantage such as accuracy, repeatability, and low cost.


NCOVID-19; Colloidal Gold Immunochromatographic Stripe; Nucleocapsid Protein

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