Application and Prospect of Robotic Technology in Medical Clinic

Haowei Ma


In the process of gradually improving the level of clinical medical treatment and continuously developing industrial technology, the application of less invasive and non-invasive surgical methods in medical clinic is increasingly widespread. In the face of this situation, the inevitable trend of the development of surgery has been inclined to minimally invasive surgery. Under the background of a large number of new technologies in the clinical application of medicine, the application space of surgical minimally invasive surgery technology has become more and more extensive. The first successful laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 1987 is an important sign of the arrival of the era of minimally invasive surgery. The research and development of surgical robots based on this is a predictor of the gradual beginning of the era of surgical information processing. At this time, it will inevitably promote the qualitative improvement of surgical accuracy, and a new era of minimally invasive surgery will gradually open. At present, the latest “Da Vinci” surgical robot developed by ISRG company has been widely used in medical clinic.


Robotic Technology; Medical Clinic; Application; Prospect

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