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Application Research and Practice of TBL Innovative Teaching Method in the Course of Clinical Biochemical Testing Technology

Hongxia Gao, Yan Liu, Guoqing Wang


The purpose of this study is to explore the practical application effect of TBL innovative teaching method in the course of clinical biochemistry test technology. The research object is all undergraduate students in the laboratory major of 2018 medical school of our university. The research method is comparative experiment method, the teaching method of LBL teaching is set as control group, while the experimental group adopts TBL teaching method. By the final teaching evaluation and the data collected in the process, the influence of TBL teaching methods on the teaching effect of the course is compared and analyzed. The evaluation methods are combined with subjective and objective evaluation. The evaluation methods include questionnaire, student mutual evaluation, final test and other multiple ways. And the results of this study showed that the average score of the experimental group using TBL teaching method was significantly higher than that of the control group using traditional teaching method. In addition, through the process evaluation, it was found that the students in the experimental group were superior to the students in the control group in terms of learning interest, communication ability and learning methods. As a result, the application of TBL teaching method in the teaching of clinical biochemistry test obviously promotes the teaching quality and effect of this course.


TBL Teaching Method; Clinical Biochemical Testing Technology; Application and Practice

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