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The Application of Augmented Reality Technology for the Anesthesiology Major

Dongbai Li, Xiang Li, Mingbao Zhang, Xiaoxu Tian


Anesthesiology is an important subject for in-depth research in the fields of clinical anesthesia, critical care medicine, first-aid and resuscitation, and pain treatment. As an important branch of clinical medicine, it has strong practicality and applicability. It has the commonality of clinical medicine and the specialty of anesthesiology. Carrying out anesthesiology practice teaching using augmented reality (AR) to simulate the experimental environment and scene simulation is of great significance to promoting the development of anesthesia practice teaching. This article mainly introduces the augmented reality technology. It not only analyzes the main forms of augmented reality technology in anesthesiology, but also explores the application of augmented reality technology for anesthesiology in the new era.


Anesthesiology; Augmented Reality Technology; Practical Teaching

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