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The Role of Key Early Warning Indicators in Crisis Management: Analytical Review

Ibrahim Al Luhaidan 1, Daifallah M. Alrazeeni 2


This study came to identify the role of applying key early indicators in managing crisis through answering the following main question: What is the role of the key early indicators in crisis management? Methodology: The study used an analytical descriptive approach based on induction, analysis, and comparison of the literature on early warning indicators, crisis management, its divisions and how to be built. Subsequently, the study achieves answers for the study questions by analyzing and inferring the reviewed related literature. Results: Key early warning indicators for crisis management play a major role in the notification and information about the imminent occurrence of risk that cause the spread of crisis. This helps to move forward in a proactive manner towards the crisis before it occurs. The successful role of key early warning indicators in crisis management requires certain characteristics. It should be a real indication of the imminent crisis and valid. Conclusion: The study concludes that there is need for key early warning indicators for their effective role in assisting senior leaders in taking proper decisions. The higher management of the organization should select the appropriate and qualified planning team and develop their skills.


Crisis; key early warning; indicators

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